Infographic Project Thoughts

Currently I am not too sure on what I what to do for this inforgraphic. One thing I considered was designing a mini poster with keywords showing what to look for to see if an article contains bias. However, that seems too similar to the ESCAPE bookmark.

Another thought I have is potentially doing something on Colin Karpernick and the ways fake news was used against him. Then again, I run into the issue of the information already being presented since I dealt with that during the group project. Perhaps I could adjust it to something else while still keeping the Colin Karpernick focus.

The way I would want to set up this infographic would be in a small poster format. All I would do is use a typical piece of paper but would do a poster like design with it.

My audience would be people on the edge when it comes to the topic so I would go about using facts from verified sources since they would be trusted by my audience.

In order to get a good topic I will have to do some more research and I will also have to see some more infographics similar to mine to see how I could go about presenting my information.

Overall, I still need a thought out topic but I feel that I am close. As for the infographic I just need to look at more and notice the different ways that information is presented and make sure mine is not the same throughout so that way it is not boring to look at.

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