News Literacy Project Review

The project that my group did fits in with the topic of news literacy because we took news stories that were biased and broke down what made them biased as well as words to look at in any article to spot potential bias.

With fake news, readers who are not familiar with the way that writers show bias or hook people into believing their stories through certain techniques could use our project to gain a better understanding of how fake news works.

Every one of the members in our group was responsible for researching biased articles of an assigned topic and writing a couple hundred words on how those articles showed bias. My specific topic was Colin Kaepernick for the project.

The aspect that I am most proud of was finding multiple articles to break down because I had some struggles early finding any. Perhaps I am just not good at spotting bias or maybe my research methods were wrong, but whatever the case was I ended up finding some articles.

The proud aspect ties into the challenge, but a challenge that the group faced was when Jack unfortunately came down with the flu which hospitalized him. Jack was the creator of the site and he edited the site and looked up tutorials on Google Sites to ensure the site looked good.

Since he knew the most about the site, I thought that there might be issues with presenting, but Sam as well as Matthew did excellent jobs of explaining the site to people.

In the future I would not make any drastic changes. Maybe doing two subtopics instead of four just so that way the focus is not as divided.


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