Project Proposal

For my project proposal I am not entirely sure what I would want to do. Preferably I would want to something that involves sports in some aspect but I cannot really come up with anything that sounds like it would be a good project to me.

One thing I thought of was the kneeling/awareness that Colin Kaepernick and how there are some people who do not fully understand why Kaepernick started that.

Some of that can be attributed to news literacy because there are many people who think that the protests are meant to entirely go against the United States of America and that the symbol of kneeling during the national anthem is completely disrespectful.

In actuality, Army veteran and former NFL player Nate Boyer came up with the idea for Kaepernick to kneel during the national anthem but still many people think Kaepernick came up with it.

In fact, Kaepernick originally wanted to sit on the bench during the national anthem, which probably would have made slightly less of a statement.

I am not sure how I would go about presenting this topic since talking to people shakes me to my core. Maybe I would want to make a video but I am not experienced with making graphics to put in videos or editing them.

If I somehow become a group leader will probably just need a normal amount of people for the project and would probably not require any funds since making a video would be free of charge to create and upload.

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