The Most Problematic Form of Fake News

Fake news can take on many different forms from satire, to a missed detail in a report, as well as errors in spelling. All of those forms and more are problematic today due to a certain someone ensuring that nobody forgets the term fake news which means everyone takes a closer look at journalists and news organizations.

The most problematic form of fake news to me is news that is fabricated content, which according to First Draft means “new content is 100% false, designed to deceive and do harm.”

Fabricated content is similar to satire as both are false, but satire is meant for humor, not to want people to take it as gospel.

I find fabricated content to be the most problematic because of the intent of it for starters. The motivation behind fabricated content is to ensure the story is believable so that way people believe it and then spread the word to others which in turn causes harm to the parties involved in the story.

Especially with the way politics are with the heated debates and wanting to be proven right in arguments, people can fall for these fabricated stories just so that they are seen as correct without even checking anything first.

Second, fabricated content hurts the journalists who are actually going out and getting their facts right in stories and making sure that there is no bias in it. One fabricated story about a topic ruins other reports about that topic because now there is a seed of doubt planted in people’s minds.

One thought on “The Most Problematic Form of Fake News

  1. There are some very good points you make Matt. For example, I hadn’t thought of the fact that fabricated content might be used in political debate. I also agree that fabricated content is dangerous because it intends to harm. However, there might be more dangerous forms of fake news. Think, for example, about the fact that manipulated content can fly under the radar more easily and be therefor more harmful. Also, I would suggest that you proofread your blog posts, as some sentence structures could use some work.


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