Building Trust in your Brand Through Using Metrics

Using metrics, or analytics, can help a journalist, newspaper, news website, etc. build trust with their audience as well as help to get their metrics better. An example can be found in the article Building Trust: What Works for News Organizations.

One example they used of using metrics to build trust was something that USA Today and the Tennessean did where they added an “explain your process” box to their articles which told the audience why the story was being covered and how the story was covered.

Both organizations did a poll to see if the audience saw these articles as more trustworthy, and overall the articles with the box were seen as “better” in a sense.

Trust can improve metrics because if people trust one source of information over another, they will prefer the more trustworthy source because they know they will get verified facts, no (or at least very little) bias, and they will get all sides to the story.

More trust in turn means better metrics because readership will be up, engagement will be up, and positive feedback will be up.

Both of these aspects- building metrics and building trust – can help journalists become better gatekeepers because people will gravitate towards news sources who are popular and also trustworthy.

For example, if a journalist becomes a trusted sources and also has engagement with their audience, they will usually get a blue check mark on Twitter. This blue check mark means they are verified and it also helps if someone tries to impersonate them.

More importantly, to an audience it shows that the journalist is a trusted source of information which can then boost their metrics and trust even more.


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