Why Fake News is Taken as Real News

Despite people being fully aware that fake news is out there, people still constantly fall for it. One reason for this could be that someone wants to support their argument or claim that they do not care where the information comes from.

Another reason could be that the information looks like it comes from credible source when it is really somebody pretending to be a credited reporter, news website, etc. For example I recently discussed fake news with the sports world where people troll journalists in that fashion by pretending to be a reporter.

A third reason could be that a journalist has to make a deadline and they do a quick Google search and whatever peaks their interest they just go along with it and put it into their article without a second thought.

Something that The Guardian pointed out is a trend in journalism to get clicks while sacrificing the story’s potential integrity. A reason given was that if the story gets clicks and goes viral then it could be the break the journalist needed to advance his or her career.

Also, online advertising is now bigger than newspaper advertising with the focus of reporting going more to the Internet rather than to a newspaper. The more clicks and article gets, the more ads people see, and the more revenue the company makes.

Overall, the pressures of deadlines as well as a drive to get clicks keeps fake news alive in the world of journalism.

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