Content Analysis of Three Websites

Digital Portfolio – Andrew Julien

Andrew Julien is a graphic designer and his digital portfolio is basic as it just has two sections: work and about. The home page features examples of his work and after clicking on a certain example there is a description of it.

His about page contains his phone number and e-mail address, everything looks okay aside from his description of himself (ex. “AJ is not a volcanic Icelandic rock texture, but he is indeed part robot”).

Every word can be clearly read although the description font could be a tad bigger. All of the visuals are eye catching and make you want to engage with them as he has clearly featured his best works.

Nontraditional News Site – Reddit

Reddit does indeed have news despite the site mostly being known for humorous content. Recently on their app there was a news tab added, but on the website one has to find a subreddit that corresponds to the news that they want.

While Reddit’s design is not spectacular with the grayish background and white background for a post, it is simple and allows the user created content to stand out more.

A useful function can be found under the search bar if you are at the top of page where users can sort the main page between countries, what is trending, and even by states to get as specific as possible.

Content I Like –

Being a fan of the Los Angeles Rams I do enjoy viewing Rams content and there is no better place to go than their official website.

On the main page there is a slideshow of photos with the stories they correspond to below them and if one scrolls down they can see the latest videos, photos, and other Rams specific content.

Overall the website design is appealing with the Rams’ colors and a picture of star runningback Todd Gurley at the top and the font is easy to read.

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