Project 1 Reflection

The main aspect of my project that I am proud was doing the research for it because this topic was something that was interesting to me since I am a fan of the Los Angeles Rams.

While I did not answer the question at hand since it cannot really be answered I think that I was able to provide enough facts so that way people could make their own predictions for how attendance would be in the coming years.

One challenge that I had to face time and time again were the inforgraphics. Despite being comfortable with the app that I was using to make them (Phonto) my ability to make them look appealing was limited as

1) I could only use images that I personally took and I do not live in Los Angeles

2) The more creative formats in Phonto require money and I did not feel like forking money for the formats while they might have been more eye popping

I just tried to make the infographics to the best of my ability and to try and find statistics that needed an infographic.

One thing I would do differently would probably be to find a better topic that is more suited for infographics. Not finding consistent attendance data aside from Wikipedia hurt and took out a potential infographic.

Also, the topic was more so based on the future rather than the present or the past so there was not a true answer that I could give to the problem which took out another potential infographic.

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