My Twitter Analytics

After going through my Twitter analytics I found many statistics that could help me improve my usage of the app in the future.

One thing that I noticed was that my highest number of retweets came from tweets regarding statistics. My top three retweeted tweets were about Carlos Martinez, Marcell Ozuna, and the Cardinals offense.

All three of those tweets mentioned statistics about the players and the team as a whole. Therefore, if I want my tweets to spread across the app then they need to be about sports statistics.

In terms of my top three media views they all involved the usage of GIFs and not pictures that I took. I suppose this is because everyone loves a good GIF that coincides with what is currently happening in the sports world.

Even though my personal brand is sports oriented, my top three hastag clicks involved the class hashtag of #mpj2018.

This is probably because 1) I rarely use other hashtags (I should use them more though) and 2) a lot of my followers probably do not/did not have a clue what that hashtag meant.

Two out of my top three engagements did involve a photo that I taken (one is technically a screenshot of something on my phone). The other one involved the aforementioned statistics.

Maybe I should start taking more pictures to increase engagements, but with baseball season over my followers will probably not want to see different photographs.

From what I have gathered I need to start tweeting more as I do not generate enough buzz on social media yet.



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