Mobile Mini Project Reflection

I feel that there was not a big opportunity to be as creative as I could have been with this project. Using a phone to edit photos is not the greatest especially when you are using free apps as they are limited in what you can do with a photo.

I started off trying to use Canva for photo editing, but I ended up going with Phonto to make my infographic for my project.

Canva just did not have the control that I wanted when creating an infographic and the screen for making it was small and feared that the final product would not look good.

Also, I have used Phonto for almost two years and knew how the final product would look and knew how to get the look that I wanted.

Another tough part of this was coming up with a topic. I was stuck with “idea block” so to say and could not come up with much of anything for a good bit.

Since it is football season I decided to do a topic that involved my favorite team, the Los Angeles Rams. Then it was just a matter of making my topic as specific as possible.

I might have not been as specific as I could have been, but I feel that the rest of the project helps specify everything better.

If I was to do this again, I would try to come up with a better topic and probably try out different apps instead of ones that I am comfortable with just to do something different.

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