How I Survived the Terrible Rams Years

There are plenty of stories on how people survived avalanches, plane crashes, and other disasters.

I like to think I am in a club with those guys because I survived a horrible tragedy for over a decade.

That tragedy was the Rams and their performance from 2004-2016.

Okay, maybe it is not on the same level, but it was still a painful experience.

These are some ways I coped with botched draft picks, caveman era coaching, and on the field play that made peewee football look better.1. Watched the games, no matter how bleak things looked.

Even though the team as a whole was a complete mess, there were still reasons to tune in every Sunday.

The main reason was to see how the better players performed as well as the rookies.

Seeing those guys perform well gave me some hope for the future, which was usually extinguished within the next week.

2. Wore my favorite players jerseys.

A slight warning for this one. If you do go this route and bask in the glory of younger players, that jersey might end up being a waste.

For example, I bought a Tavon Austin jersey during his rookie year due to the hope he would help lead the team to a winning season. Also he was a fun player to watch.

But if you wear your team’s gear you will feel an even stronger connection to them, which is important if the owner chooses to leave your hometown.

3. Played with them in Madden.

Madden is a terrific way to deal with the pain of losing.

You can take your favorite team, build them up, win games, and then win a Super Bowl.

This allows you to have some confidence in your team’s future as you pray the GM is as draft savvy as you are.

4. Knew the pain would eventually end.

No team can be terrible forever. Look at the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team that did not have a winning season for TWENTY YEARS.

One day that winning season finally happened, it took a long time, but their fans finally were able to see their team be successful.

Then you have the Rams. I knew that there was no way that Jeff Fisher could continue being the head coach and the offense would be free from ineptitude.

The process took roughly 4 3/4 seasons, but Sean McVay immediately came in and turned the team around.

How Fisher managed to coach for as long as he did will remain one of life’s greatest mysteries.

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