Writing Tips from SLU’s Multiplatform Journalism Class

On September 19th in my multiplatform journalism class at Saint Louis University we went over writing tips for social media.

One would not think that writing on social media would be something worth teaching.

However, if you want to be able to truly connect to your audience, there are some tips that you need in order to succeed.

First off, we have to basic tips for any social media platform. You cannot connect to your audience effectively if you are not interacting with them consistently and it is catastrophic if you do not know them.

Now we get into breaking down tips for each platform, starting off with some Twitter tips.

People scroll through tweets fast and create tweets fast, so it no surprise that a tweet’s lifespan is roughly 18 minutes on average.

Then, we moved onto Instagram where hashtags are key to attracting people to your posts, just like on Twitter.

Just make sure not to go overboard with the hashtags. If your post is about the Los Angeles Rams, do not use #RaiderNation in it.

Instead, use #RamsNation, the superior nation and it fits with your post.

After discussing all of the various social media tips, it was time to spread the word to the rest of the SLU community.

We broke out the markers and paper and made a poster highlighting social media tips for one platform. My group chose Instagram as our platform and created this stunning poster.

If you are a sports writer and want tips for writing for Twitter, check out my blog post on it.

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