5 Tips for Twitter as a Sports Writer

When you are just starting out on Twitter, it can be hard to gain a following.

Sports, unsurprisingly, is a popular topic on Twitter and as a sports writer you will need to connect with your target audience.

These are five tips to make sure that you 1) get followers and 2) produce quality tweets.

  1. Use team hashtags: Every single sports team in the big four (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL) has a hashtag. Whenever you make a tweet about a team, find out what their hashtag is so that way you can start a conversation with that fanbase and you could gain a follower or two.
  2. Live tweet games, but include your own takes too: While it is okay to tweet things along the lines of “what a play by Yadier Molina *GIF*” you should tweet your own analysis. That is what will attract followers as people want to read thoughts on how others think their team or certain players are performing.
  3. Start conversations: Do not just be a robot sending out tweets and not interacting with people. And if nobody interacts with you, start up the conversation. Twilert has more on this tip.
  4.  There is nothing wrong with self-promotion: Tweet out an article you just published, or maybe even promote the site you write for. It is a simple way to get your name out there.
  5. Humor: People love a good joke, especially when their team is struggling and things are looking bleak. And if you make a joke about a rival, that can start up some interesting conversations.

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