5 Tips for Excellent Sports Writing

With so many different places for sports fan to get their information, standing out in the sports writing world is crucial these days.

Here are my five tips to make sure that you not only get the job done, but make an impression on your readers.

  1. Use statistics, but do not overuse them: Statistics are everywhere in sports from the final score to wRC+ (a baseball stat that means weighted runs created plus). These are important in telling the story of a game, but not everyone will know what you are talking about, especially with baseball sabermetrics. And if you do use a statistics that is not used too often, make sure to add its purpose.
  2. Be concise: In this fast moving world, people need their information in a short amount of time. When describing a game do not spend several sentences setting up the scene, just jump right into it.
  3. Add humor, but make sure it is appropriate: Sites such as Barstool and Deadspin are the kings at combining sports and humor. For example: And you can implement a joke or two into your writing, but keep it for the non-serious pieces.
  4. Switch it up occasionally: Mix it up with the way you present your information other than just text. Add in a picture or make your post into a slide show.
  5. Editing: If you have multiple selling errors, it will tern people away from yore writing. Unless you are PFTCommenter, then more people click on your articles. wiseGEEk has more on this topic.

At the end of day, just be yourself (while still being sound in your writing of course). Yes, it sounds corny, but personality can go a long way in growing your audience. Do not be afraid to go outside the box now and again.



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