My Personal Brand

For me, my niche is sports. More specifically, my area is my baseball and football knowledge regarding the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams, respectively. I have been watching those two teams throughout my entire life as baseball and football are my two favorite sports.

Throughout the past two years I have been building my personal brand in a sense. Back in 2016 I started writing for a site called isportsweb and midway through 2017 I left isports and started writing for Redbird Rants.

During this time I have been able to grow as a sportswriter and have made some good friends throughout my time with both sites.

Originally, I was not too active on Twitter but after starting with Redbird Rants I began to use my Twitter more which can further help me to develop my personal brand.

One big quality that I do lack is tweeting on a consistent basis/communicating with others, two things mentioned in Peg Fitzpatrick’s article titled “How to Communicate your Personal Brand on Twitter.”

Someone who has done a great job at building their own personal brand in my field is Pat McAfee.

McAfee was a former punter on the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts and was one of the best in the game, but he retired early and joined Barstool Sports.

McAfee personality and humor started to really connect with people through his podcast “The Pat McAfee Show” and always tweets about sports.

Being a former punter, McAfee loves tweeting out videos of him commentating on the good and the bad moments punters have throughout the week’s games.

This started the #ForTheBrand movement which is now hastagged on seemingly every tweet regarding punters as well as kickers.

Recently, McAfee decided to leave Barstool but since his personal brand is so well-known, he should no problems in his future endeavors.

Two things I can work on to further develop my personal brand:

  1. Tweet more
  2. Write more

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