Future of Sports Journalism

Sports journalism has been changing a lot in recent years. Instead of ESPN being the top sources for the latest sports news other companies, such as Barstool and The Athletic, have been rising in popularity.

ESPN’s decline in terms of television can be attributed to a couple issues such as focusing too heavy on some sports more than others (i.e. not showing NHL highlights and focusing more on NBA) and bringing politics into discussions regarding sports (i.e. the NFL and kneeling).

Now, people have more options than ever to get their sports news and can choose different places other than ESPN as there are talented and well-renowned writes on so many different sites.

A growing source of getting sports news is through podcasts, and according to Nick Newman’s article titled Journalism, Media, and Technology Predictions 2018, “58% of publishers say they’ll be focusing on podcasts, with the same proportion looking at content for voice activated-speakers” (that stat does take in publishers outside of the sports realm).

Another change throughout sports journalism and even sports in general has been trying to appeal to millennials and children. Podcasts have been so successful thanks in part to the wide use of technology and that they can be listened to on the go and simply as some background noise.

Major League Baseball has been trying to speed up their game to generate more interest in a sport that is seen as too slow by outsiders.

For the future of sports journalism, I think that podcasts will continue to grow over the next few years but flatten out at a certain point.

Also I think that paid subscriptions will be a requirement on every website as big companies such as the aforementioned The Athletic has been doing that.

Finally, I think that the “smaller” non-ESPN sites will force ESPN to completely change their ways of doing things.

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