Infographics in “The Infographics Show”

“The Infographics Show” is a YouTube channel that has a subscriber count of around 2.8 million. This channel covers a wide variety of topics from comparing countries’ armies to what would happen if a person’s teeth all fell out.

For this blog post, I chose their video titled “The Most Infamous Serial Killer – Why Was He Never Found?”

What makes this multiplatform journalism project good right off the bat is the narrator.

He has a voice that makes it sound that he is interested in the topic he is discussing and he has clearly done his research on said topic and maintains a non biased stance.

This narrator makes sure to give an introduction to the topic before jumping in to get viewers who might know little to nothing about the topic up to speed before going into more details.

Then there are the graphics themselves, which are in a cartoon-like style but go along with what is being said by the narrator.

These graphics change quite frequently and can help the people watching better understand the topic at hand.

Paige Williams included in her article titled “Multimedia narrative and how to interview, structure, choose your medium, edit for sound, identify the story arc and more” to make sure that the images as well as the narration combine to help tell and advance the story.

While “The Infographics Show” does not use sound to go along with the graphics, the narration is enough to combine with the graphics to tell the whole story.


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